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October 2004
Baltic Birch bent wood, polycarbonate top with 270° rotation.

Affinity Table
This media desk fits the contour of one's legs, eliminating a sweaty lap, and reducing strain on the upper back and spine when working for long periods of time in an alternative-working environment. The under carriage is for "mousing" and paper storage. Its contour allows for pens and pencils to roll to one side for easy location.

Deep Breadth
January 2003
MDF, Fluorescent Light, Acrylic

September 2003
Pink foam, fiberglass (uni-glass), and resin

Bone Chair
The Feider Chair’s sensual curves inspire thoughts of the human form. Its hard fiber glass shell and polyester foam interior create a resilient space frame structure not unlike that of bone. The chairs long linier form starts with two arms that later bound into a cantilevered seat. The chair is ergonomically formed for proper posture, its flexible form bringing the sensation of floating on a cloud for even the heaviest of sitters.