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Honey Sphere
Beverly Hills, CA
September 2009
20 foot diameter, 200 sq. ft.
Second-growth redwood, steel hubs

Leaf House
Pewaukee, WI
September 2005
13 foot diameter
Aluminum, wood, recycled plastic flooring, HDPE canopy

Copper Nest
Menomonee Falls, WI
August 2011
13′ diameter geodesic treehouse, 700 sq ft deck
Cedar & reclaimed wood*, steel
*70% of the previous deck’s wood was re-purposed
in the construction of the new deck (which ended
up being made of 50% reclaimed material).

Ginger House
January 2012
Hollywood CA
Re-claimed wood, Roof shingles of recycled Pallets

Sequoia Garden
Venice CA
November 2009
Wood, Steel