Honey Sphere
Beverly Hills, CA
September 2009
20 foot diameter, 200 sq. ft.
Second-growth redwood, steel hubs

Plaster Drippings
April 2005
Natural artifact, Plaster

Natural artifacts dipped into colored plasters each day for a period of 4 months. Each was carved into revealing its history and original form.

October 2004
Baltic Birch bent wood, polycarbonate top with 270° rotation.

Affinity Table
This media desk fits the contour of one's legs, eliminating a sweaty lap, and reducing strain on the upper back and spine when working for long periods of time in an alternative-working environment. The under carriage is for "mousing" and paper storage. Its contour allows for pens and pencils to roll to one side for easy location.

Leaf House
Pewaukee, WI
September 2005
13 foot diameter
Aluminum, wood, recycled plastic flooring, HDPE canopy